About the author

Sgt. Michael Sefton, Ph.D.

This blog is written by Michael Sefton, Ph.D. The topics published are timely in terms of their current impact on human behavior and emotional functioning.  Topics include intimate partner violence, red flag behavior and domestic abuse, aggression, and deviance.  I have recently added a page I call Topics in Behavior.  Topics in behavior include juvenile fire setting, self abuse, police response to autism, and more.

Dr. Sefton is a former police sergeant with interests in community policing and aftermath intervention.  He is a licensed psychologist trained in clinical psychology and has practiced neuropsychology, brain injury and concussion management.  He is working toward a model for police officer interaction with those who are mentally ill to engage them in treatment rather than violence.  He is in practice at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough, MA and may be reached at the outpatient department 508-871-2077 or his email msefton@whittierhealth.com


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