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These pages will provide an overview of contemporary human behavior and behavioral experience.  Because of my background in psychology and law enforcement my natural interest trends toward abnormal behavior.  I have worked with pediatric firesetting and conducted case study research into the contributing factors of childhood fire play.  I have also studied domestic violence and domestic violence homicide and with a group of colleagues published the Psychological Autopsy of the June 11, 2010 Dexter, Maine Domestic Violence Homicide (Allanach, et. al., 2011).  I am interested in the notion of mass shooting and the precursory red flags that may signal the imminent terminal rage associated with these events.   I am particularly concerned that each time something so dramatic occurs like the Navy Yard shooting in early September, 2013 and the Newtown, CT school massacre – there is a collective wonderment about “what could have triggered” such a heinous event?  Followed by months and months of interviewing known friends and members of family trying to uncover motives.  In the end, there is a subset of human beings who behave as they alone choose to behave, without regard for the feelings of others and without regard for the harm they do and the chaos they leave behind.  The mass shooter rarely survives the terminal event that leaves most of us in shock and awe.  Whether in the back alleys or Main Street these people lead predatory lives and capital punishment was meant for them alone.

Human behavior remains a complex and sometimes mystifying circumstance.  Some behavior appears arbitrary, bizarre, and unpredictable.  Other behaviors like school bullying are calculated and fiercely demeaning.  Yet with precise understanding of the driving impact of environment, biological underpinnings, and immediate antecedents – the study of human behavior may be embraced and perhaps predicted with greater acumen. To see some of the topics published in these pages simply click on the topic of interest.




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